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We really appreciate all your testimonials and feedback.
If you have had positive benefits or results from any
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The following personal experiences from users of Cellfood products are anecdotal, and are not based on clinical trials. Users have voluntarily submitted these personal experiences because they want to share their beneficial experiences with others.

Therefore, these personal experiences are for educational purposes only and are not meant for diagnosing or treating medical conditions. We make no medical claims or otherwise for the treatment, prevention, cure or mitigation of disease, and cannot assume responsibility for those who choose to treat themselves. If you have a medical condition, we recommend that you consult a professional health care practitioner, who will assess your condition and recommend the correct treatment and/or product and dosage.

Because our products are not medicines, they do not cure medical conditions. Cellfood provides the essential building blocks for the body to cleanse, build, restore, reconstruct, protect and balance itself. For this reason, once the body has cleansed and restored itself to a state of well-being, it is important to continue taking a daily maintenance dosage of Cellfood in order for the body to continue to cleanse and balance itself on an ongoing basis.

Unfortunately, many people who receive benefit from using Cellfood then stop taking it and, when their bodies return to the previous state of toxicity and imbalance, they say that Cellfood did not cure their condition. It is essential to realise that unless you significantly change your life-style, diet, exercise regime, etc., you must continue to supplement your systems with Cellfood for the needed additional oxygen, hydrogen, minerals, enzymes and amino acids that will assist in maintaining your balanced state of well-being.


A year ago I had severe acne on my face. After I used some acne medications it subsided, but unfortunately I was left with scars and ugly pigmentation on the areas that the acne was. My aunt introduced me to Cellfood Oxygen Gel and said it would help. I didn't believe her in the beginning, but I decided to give it a try anyways. After just two weeks, the discolorations were fading away. Now it's barely noticeable.

My father has Alzheimer's. His once quick brain has become slow and his memory much impaired, he moves slowly and spends most of the day asleep. After getting the OK from his doctor, the home where he is now have been giving him Cellfood, 12 drops twice a day since the end of December. I went to see him on 8th January, his 81st birthday and was thrilled to find quite a change in him. When I got there he was walking about, not slumped in a chair in a stupor. He was able to look at his birthday cards and appreciate presents from the family. We listened to some music and he commented how well done it was and what a charming piece it was. He ate his birthday cake with no problem and his words where perfectly intelligible. This is, I am sure, the work of the Cellfood.

In late September we began using Cellfood. By this time my mother-in-law was in the later stages of Alzheimer's disease. She had been on the pharmaceutical medication Cognex, but had to be taken off of it because of side effects. She had then been on Aricept since February, but no matter what the doctor could give her, she was lethargic and unresponsive. She wouldn't feed herself, and slumped on the couch all day sleeping. When we started her on Cellfood there was a dramatic change. Not only was she awake more, noticing what was going on around her - and talking again - but also she became more vigorous, and began walking with some energy. It is wonderful to have her ‘present’ again.

For many years, I suffered with terrible arthritis. It affected my fingers, they become deformed, and I used to get terrible pain in my hips, which affected my legs. This was something I would have to endure for the rest of my days, or so I thought. My daughter insisted that I start using Cellfood. I had nothing to lose, all I wanted was relief from aches and pains. When I first started on Cellfood, I felt I was getting worse instead of getting better, but I read about the body first going through a detoxification process, and that the body goes through a healing crisis before it starts to repair and heal. After a very short period of time, and with my determination that I was going to heal, I continued taking Cellfood everyday, and also increased the dosage over a period of time. I have been taking Cellfood for two years now, and I feel like a new person. I no longer experience the terrible aches and pains I used to endure previously. I have more energy, I want to do so much more with my life, my attitude has changed, and I feel absolutely fantastic.

Thank you for your wonderful Cellfood product. I have had extreme pain from arthritis for years, and I have been afflicted with a seizure disorder since childhood. Until recently, I've been taking six to eight 600 mg. tablets of ibuprofen for pain, and also was taking seizure medication that was so strong that it created a mental fog similar to what one would experience taking a very strong antihistamine. Since taking the Cellfood, I no longer take any medication or pain killers, and for all practical purposes am seizure free. I'm simply adding Cellfood in every glass of water I drink. I also have more clarity of thought and more energy. I now require less sleep, but awake refreshed and ready to start another pain and seizure-free day. I have my life back. Thank you!


All my life I've had to endure living with asthma. Anyone who has had a hard time breathing may think they know that being short of breath is uncomfortable, but they can't imagine what it is like to fight for the smallest gasp of air, while everything turns gray as your brain starves for oxygen. I know that feeling. I've been so dizzy and so close to passing out during a full phase asthma attack, all the fight leaves you and you feel as if you could just let go and stop struggling. The next day, after a major attack, it feels as if my lungs and ribs got hit by a sledge hammer; I'm wiped out, just exhausted. I hate having asthma, and hate asthma medication. Since taking Cellfood, for the first time in my entire life I know what it feels like to take a deep, complete, satisfying lung full of air. Breathing is so much easier, and I can actually emerge from an attack much faster and easier. I don't struggle anymore for every breath, every day. I am so grateful for this product. It has changed my life for the better - much, much better.

By last Christmas, my struggle with asthma was all encompassing. I felt totally handicapped, because the way I lived was restricted by my condition. My husband Peter and I were turning down family and friends’ invitations left, right and centre because I felt so weak. If you’ve ever had an asthma attack, you’ll know that you feel like you’re drowning, and it’s also like swallowing something the wrong way. I’d cough, sputter and gasp to regain my breath — and my composure. I’d never suffered with asthma before moving to England from Italy in 1999, but within months of my move, I was short of breath, wheezy, and could hardly eat because of the trouble I was having breathing. I felt as if my life had gone on hold. The first doctor I saw prescribed cough syrup, but when we moved to a different area, my new GP diagnosed asthma and gave me a steroid puffer to prevent attacks, and the inhaler drug Ventolin to relieve them by opening my chest up. Neither did anything for me, so in the new year, I literally begged my GP to refer me to a specialist for allergy tests. I was put in touch with a brilliant allergy expert who eventually discovered I was severely allergic to pet hair and house dust mites. This horrified me — my fox terrier, Ruby, is my best friend, and had never caused any problems before we came to the UK. The doctor explained that atmospheric conditions in the UK — the humidity in particular — cause allergens to be suspended in the air for longer than in some other countries. A few simple changes could make a difference. So Peter and I persuaded Ruby to leave our room at night, and we installed a cheap plug-in air filter. My sleep improved immediately. But I still needed my steroids, and that was upsetting me. Then a friend told me she’d read about a new alternative treatment called Cellfood, which literally gives the body more oxygen, and supposedly boosts energy, immunity, and metabolism. Willing to try anything to feel better, I said I’d give it one month. It was easy to use — I just had to add a few drops to water (it tasted like a squeeze of lemon juice), but the results were amazing! Within three days of taking Cellfood, I had cut my steroids by half, and, after only a week, I’d stopped them completely! I can now breathe from the bottom of my lungs — and I’m back in the gym after years of feeling unable to exercise. I’m thrilled to bits with my discovery. I was so fed up with being treated for my symptoms when what I really wanted was a solution to the underlying problem… and now I do believe I’ve found it.

My name is Mel Franklin and until recently I was a severe asthmatic suffering as well from emphysema and chronic bronchitis originating from fighting a forest fire while serving in the Air Force. My condition over the years was gradually getting worse to the extent that for the past several months I was using 5 rescue inhalers every 90 days as well as 2 other stabilising inhalers that I was taking 4 puffs 3 times a day. The first of January this year, I received my allotted medications and by the end of the month my condition had worsened to the extent that I was waking every 1 1/2 to 2 hours every night unable to breathe and had to take several puffs of albuterol to start breathing again in order to get back to sleep. During the day I was constantly sucking on an inhaler, as it seemed that I was perpetually short of breath and as a result of these happenings, I was down to one rescue inhaler. I requested additional inhalers and they renewed the prescription adding one more rescue inhaler and increasing all other medications to maximum dosage as well as putting me back on theophiline that I had not taken for 2 1/2 years. I was introduced to the Cellfood products the first part of February and started taking Cellfood right away and a few days later, upon hearing about others who suffered pulmonary illness much as myself, had effected a restoration to health in a matter of weeks taking Cellfood Silica so I said That's for me. I went in for my regular check up March third. The lab was first and later I was seen by the doctor who was in awe when she noted that there was no raling or wheezing in my chest and that I was breathing with no shortness of breathe. I told her what I was taking and she was very impressed saying that she would check it out. She informed me that the lab report had not come in and she would call me. When I arrived home, there was a message on my machine stating the lab report showed my theophiline level was lower than anticipated and to discontinue use of it and if I had any question to call. I called and confirmed the message as well as asking about giving up the inhalers. I was told to continue their use so I said thank you and hung up not mentioning the fact that I had not taken a puff on one for over a week. I went in for a scheduled breathing test on the twenty fourth of March starting out with a painful blood-gas test followed by sd breathing. Oxygen content prior to this date was 60%, which is average for an asthmatic. This time it was 70%, a marked increase. The sd breathing had increased from 350 to 415. Quite an improvement. To this day, I have not been short of breath and have not taken any medication, but I am still taking the Cellfood products.

I have been taking Cellfood for over two years now, and its affect on my asthma has been amazing. From 16 my asthma gradually worsened until I was on the most powerful steroid anti inflammatory and reliever inhalers. I also had frequent chest infections. I was often put on courses of prednisolone, but after some years even this became less effective. My peak flow measurements were sometimes as low as 200 for days.My doctor had run out of options with me, admitting that some patients do not respond well to steroid treatment.Then my wife read an article about a lady from Hungary who had come to live in London and developed asthma. She was directed to Cellfood by an acupuncturist and her condition quickly improved.I was aware that one of the problems for asthmatics is lack of oxygen due to inflammation. So I went online and bought some Cellfood. After a couple of weeks I began coughing up lots of Phil and I noticed in my job with children in care I was able to run with them without getting wheezy.I also stopped getting so many chest infections and needed to use my reliever inhaler less.My doctor remarked that I wasn't coming to the surgery so often and I told her about Cellfood. She was quite amazed, and although she doesn't believe in the science behind it, she admits that I have improved tremendously.My asthma is still there, but I use my inhalers much less and the wheezy rattle I always had is gone. I have told a few other asthma sufferers about Cellfood and even given them bottles to try; but it seems to me that they expect overnight miracles and don't persevere taking the Cellfood. I find this quite strange as my life was so dominated by asthma that I followed the instructions to the letter. I am glad I did! Thank you Cellfood!

We love Cellfood. I have been taking it for a few months simply because I believe in wholesome things. I have a bi-polar disorder and have been looking for a natural source of lithium in the UK, to little avail. (Lithium is the best treatment for bi-polar) Recently, although I have felt my mood swings, I have had far greater control over my reactions to them. I have discovered today that the natural source of lithium is in Cellfood. I am convinced that this is why I have been in control, and I am trusting that it will continue.

I want to share my experience with Cellfood after taking it 3 times daily for one month. I feel less stressed and more calm and relaxed, but most important to me is the effect on my blood pressure, which had been 150/90. Now my blood pressure fluctuates between 132/70 and 122/70. I'm one happy customer.

Have been using cell food water drops for about 16 years now and it's awesome!  There's nothing else like it.  Everything about my body just functions better.

I just want to say that I love Cellfood. Long story short, I have had lung complications ever since I was in secondary school. With good nutritional supplements and exercise, I have kept it from being major but never could go up stairs without wheezing a little....until Cellfood. You know how you get to feeling really good and you kind of forget how you used to feel? My work means I travel around a lot, and I got careless about taking the Cellfood regularly. I started noticing that when I was going up the stairs that when I got to the top, I was breathing hard. If I had to run...forget it, I couldn't without my lungs hurting. I added the Cellfood back, taking 8 to 10 drops morning and night and a week later I ran up the stairs in a hurry and realised that I was NOT out of breath and there was NO pain! I have been noticing other things too. More energy, just a good all around feeling of internal well-being

I was very ill for 3 years with pneumonia, and I was in and out of the hospital 3 times. Each time I was getting weaker and weaker. There was scar tissue on my lungs, causing irregular breathing patterns. I was out of breath walking, climbing steps, had blackouts, and was unable to stand up very long. I work in a nutrition store, so I have familiarity with nutritional products. We ordered some bottles of Cellfood and I began using the product. To my surprise, within a week I was walking and standing up longer periods of time. Now I can walk up steps, without being out of breath. My doctor said I amazed her. My lungs were clear, and she could find nothing wrong with me. I walked 3 miles recently, and haven't walked that far in years. May God bless you for a magnificent product. I haven't felt this good in years!


When a friend first told me about Cellfood, he told me to order at least three bottles. When asked why, he told me to have one next to my bottled water to add whenever I have a glass of water, one in the kitchen next to the stove in case I burn myself, and one to carry with me whenever I left the house. I'm glad I took his advice. On Christmas day, I was cooking a traditional dinner with lots of dishes. In the hectic- ness, I grabbed something too hot to handle. As soon as I dropped the pan, I ran to the sink and squeezed the Cellfood concentrate directly on the burned area. To my amazement, the pain started to diminish right away- and within minutes it was gone. I went back to cooking and didn't think about it again. The next day, one of my weekend guests asked me how the burn was. To my amazement, I had forgotten all about it because there was no blister or pain. There was only a slight red mark where there should have been one of those big, painful water-filled blisters.

I have Ovarian Cancer. After taking Cellfood I have more energy and stamina then before. I am able to breeze through my treatments now where as before I became extreme sick. My treatments were not effective anymore. But after Cellfood, my cancer test (CA-125) has dropped by 168 points in 3 weeks*. Cellfood is all that I have done different.

*Please note that results may vary.

I have always been a very strong and healthy person, in spite of possibly overdoing smoking and drinking. Without warning, I suddenly experienced terrible stomach pains. After a week, a doctor put me on medication. This did not help, and I went to hospital, where tests were done. To my absolute horror, they discovered a cancerous growth and colon cancer. I was immediately operated on, having the growth removed and a colostomy. I was discharged from hospital and told I needed to start radiation treatment. I did not want to be exposed to radiation; and, fortunately, a family member told me about Cellfood. I started taking it, and did not go for radiation treatment. Soon, I was taking 75 drops of Cellfood a day. Three weeks later I went for further tests. The surgeon was amazed and told me there was no trace of cancer in my systems. I was very pleased and increased my dosage to 90 drops per day. When I went for another biopsy, the surgeon said that I had improved so much that he could reverse the ‘bag system’ I had, and surgically reconstruct my colon, so that I could live a normal life. I will continue to take Cellfood for the rest of my life.

Update 3 months later: I have now had three major abdominal operations and, because I improved so much after taking Cellfood, my intestinal system has been completely re-constructed. All the operations have been successful and I am presently recovering from the final operation. I still take 75 drops of Cellfood every day, which has helped me enormously. After the last operation at the end of January, which lasted 3 hours, I was amazed at how quickly I recovered from the anaesthetic and was able to talk to family members within a few hours; whereas, after my first operation (before I started taking Cellfood), my reaction to the anaesthetic and the operation was so traumatic that it took me days to recover. As I said previously, I am very grateful to my family for having introduced me to Cellfood, and I will continue to take it for the rest of my life.

I have tried Cellfood on our cat that had leukaemia. The cat had not eaten for several days and was very skinny and ready to die. I had to force the cat to drink some the first few times, but after that she began to drink and eat well and lived for over 1 year after that.

I also tried Cellfood with my 11-year old dog and if I placed 2 containers of water (1 with Cellfood and the other with plain water), the dog would always go to the one with Cellfood mixed with water. (This was after using only Cellfood with water for several days first).

Three days ago I developed a cold sore on the outside of my lip. I felt the 'tingle' of the sore and immediately applied one-drop of Cellfood the area. I repeated this two more times during the day and once the following morning. The cold sore did not grow and did not blister. The growth subsided and there is only a hint of where it originally was. Cellfood is the best fever blister, canker sore, and cold sore relief on the market! It doesn't require a lot of applications does not hurt or leave 'goop' on the area and it is EFFECTIVE!

A friend of mine has had diabetes and high blood pressure for years. Her husband died of the same maladies about 7 years ago. Her medical problems have resulted in hospital stays of 4-5 days about every 6 months or so. I got her Cellfood and Cellfood Silica. At her last visit to her doctor he was amazed to see her blood sugar normal and her blood pressure below normal. He then reduced her prescription drugs, which are rather expensive. And he wants to know more about these miraculous health products she has been taking. Of course he approved of her taking them in the first place. Said they would do no harm. Ha!

My son, Mark, has had eczema on his scalp for the past 3 years, and has been treated by various doctors with numerous expensive ointments, all to no avail. Then, 3 months ago, we started using Cellfood Oxygen Gel every evening and morning on the affected area. The change is most rewarding with just the slightest markings of where the sores were.

I had severe eczema on my hands that would make them blister, peel, seep, crack, itch and my fingernails would fall off. Within days of using Cellfood Oxygen Gel my hands started clearing up and in 10 days my hands looked normal. My friends and family can’t believe how good my hands look. This is the only thing that has ever worked for me after years of taking prescriptions of antibiotics, creams, and anything else that was recommended. I am not ashamed of how my hands look anymore.

I have a 3 year old daughter with eczema and decided to try your Oxygen Gel and Cellfood Concentrate. I applied the Oxygen Gel twice a day (morning and night) and gave her 8 drops of Cellfood Concentrate in approx.150ml water, twice a day. Only two days of this treatment we started to notice a dramatic difference. The reddening and scaliness of  the eczema had almost disappeared and after a full week the eczema now seems to have totally gone and you can not even see where it was to begin with. I’m sure you can imagine I and my family are thrilled with the results despite being somewhat dubious to begin with. I have passed on your contact details to a couple of friends who also suffer with eczema and urged them to try it. Many, many thanks.

My brother suffers from Emphysema. He is on an oxygen machine that is powered by electricity. One night we had a bad thunderstorm that took out all the power. He called me in a panic and I told him to come right over. When he got there, his breathing was weak and laboured and his colour was pale. I mixed 1 tsp of Cellfood in a glass of water and made him drink it. Within 5 minutes his breathing was normal and his colour had returned. Plus he had more energy.

Taking the Cellfood has greatly increased my stamina and general energy level. In the past I had to take several naps per day, but since I've been on this wonderful product, I've felt no need to take these naps. I am able to carry on a full and active day, which was impossible two months ago. I've also noticed that I sleep much better. I am more alert and better able to concentrate. As a Registered Nurse I am amazed with the effects that Cellfood has produced in my life. In closing, I would like to thank you for making this product available to myself and to anyone who may have similar challenges. Cellfood has improved my quality of life substantially.


We started using Cellfood when our three year old was diagnosed with juvenile epilepsy. She was having multiple spasms every day and the doctors could only recommend a chemical medication that had worse side effects than the complaint. They told us she should grow out of it by the time she was 12 years old! We found Cellfood and decided to try her on it as I had read some powerful testimonials from adult epilepsy sufferers. Within one week of her starting to receive Cellfood she stopped ALL signs of the complaint and she has remained free from epileptic spasms ever since, plus she seems much brighter and energetic! Now we all take it!

Where do I begin to tell my story? For a start I personally cannot speak highly enough of Cell food. I am 63 years old & apparently look about 10 years younger but much more importantly than that, I feel great & I have tons of energy which I need as I am a carer for my son, Peter, who has Lafora Body Disease. This disease is a very rare form of Epilepsy & usually ends in death at a very early age. Peter was in hospital until December 2007 but I was not permitted to give him Cell food as his doctors were concerned as to how it would affect his medication.Peter came home at Christmas time with the ambulance crew saying that they were not going to leave Peter with me as he was not well enough & they intended taking him back to Hospital. I begged them to leave him at home promising that I would call them back if I could not cope. The next few days were terrifying with Peter having very violent seizures several times a day. I began to realise that, as predicted, my son would not live long & I thought things could not get much worse.In one of his more lucid moments I suggested to Pete that we try him on Cell food in spite of what the doctors had said. He agreed & I began to give him a very cautious two drops of Cell food three times a day. After about ten days there seemed to be just the very slightest improvement, he certainly was not getting any worse anyway so I added a further two drops each of the three times a day. After about three weeks I no longer thought it was my imagination, there was definitely a slight improvement. Once again I added two more drops of Cell food three times a day. There was a definite improvement so a week later I added the final two drops bringing this up to the full dose of eight drops a day.Peter was still very sick but his seizures were becoming less. He continued to improve & after just a few months any seizures Peter had were far less violent and not so frequent. I have continued giving Peter Cell food three times a day for what has now been eighteen months and when he is in need of a little extra help I give him a few extra drops. He now rarely gets any seizures at all & if they do occur they are quite gentle. People look at him today & cannot believe he is the same person. His quality of life is now worthwhile. I will always keep a supply of Cell food Concentrate in our home as it has brought our lovely son back to us. He will be 42 years old in August, far older than anyone else still living with this dreadful disease. He is kept very busy with, amongst other things, making plans for the future.

My life has changed dramatically since I began taking Cellfood 2 months ago. The effects of taking this product were almost immediate. I have been diagnosed as having Epstein-Barr and have had a major problem with fatigue and well-being for years. For quite awhile my workday was limited, and that took all of my energy; I often had to tell my husband I was too tired to do anything else. When I started taking Cellfood my energy level tripled within 24 hours. I began to get projects done that had been on the back burner for months. I no longer needed to have caffeine to get me up and around in the morning. Life became so much easier, happier and more full as a result of taking this product. Now, after just 2 months, I have so much energy that I have started taking dance lessons, I am adding more clients to my practice, and my house is cleaner than it’s been in years. Every day I thank God for sending me Cellfood.

For a period of five years I have suffered from chronic back pain accompanied by fatigue. I have tried many innovative therapies including both traditional and alternative modes of treatment for this disease. These treatments included drugs and physical therapy, a variety of nutritional therapies, acupuncture neural therapy, radionics and massage. It was through the use of Cellfood that I first obtained significant relief from the fatigue that seriously interfered with my life. My day was comprised of work, then home to rest and sleep. Much of the weekend was also spent resting. I took Cellfood on a regular three-times-daily basis, which refreshed and energised me. After three to four months of regular use I stopped using Cellfood, only to find that the fatigue returned. Now that I'm back on the Cellfood on a consistent basis, my energy has been restored.

My life has changed dramatically since I began taking Cellfood 2 months ago. The effects of taking this product were almost immediate. I have had a major problem with fatigue and well-being for years. For quite a while my work day was limited, and that took all of my energy; I too often had to tell my husband I was too tired to do anything else. When I started taking Cellfood my energy level tripled within 24 hours. I began to get projects done that had been on the back burner for months. I no longer needed to have caffeine to get me up and around in the morning. Life became so much easier, happier and more full as a result of taking this product. Now, after just 2 months, I have so much energy that I've started taking dance lessons, am adding more clients to my practice, and my house is cleaner than it's been in years. Every day I thank God for sending me Cellfood.


Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia have been my constant challenge for the past 8 years. I read about the oxygen supplement Cellfood and it made so much sense! The very FIRST time I tried Cellfood, I felt the energy return to my body. My brain-fog cleared. My concentration improved. I now take my Cellfood everyday, several times a day and my quality of life has improved dramatically. I know it sounds too good to be true but if you try it you will understand why people love it so much. I can actually play with my grandkids! (and I am only 42) Thank you, Cellfood, you are just what our bodies need.

I have fibromyalgia to the point that every cell in my body hurts. It also caused me to feel tense and constricted all over, and my thinking is slow and foggy. After taking Cellfood for just 24 hours I could feel more energy, I felt looser, and my thinking became much clearer. Within a month I wondered if I needed the Cellfood because I felt so much better. I briefly stopped, but soon realised that I need to keep taking it. I tell everyone I know with any health problem to try this product.

Using 10-30 drops of Cellfood every 3 weeks will keep the tank clean and the fish healthy. If you wish to perform a test, simply put a goldfish into a small bowl and add 10 drops every 3 weeks. (You should also perform a similar test without adding Cellfood). You will find that the goldfish are healthier and livelier, and the water does not need to be changed for several months because it is fresher and odour free.

As a child I always suffered from headaches. Not one day went by that I did not experience a headache. I went for numerous tests and scans, and yet nothing showed up in the test results. I then resigned myself to the fact that this was to be part of my life. Three years ago I started to use Cellfood, with not much confidence I must add, because over the years I had tried so many different products and nothing had helped me. Well, Cellfood made an immediate difference in my life. And if you ask me how I know that Cellfood has helped my headaches and sinus, my reply is that, when I tested it out by not taking Cellfood, immediately my sinuses played up and my headaches returned all over again. I am very grateful that Cellfood is a totally natural product, and even if I need to take it for the rest of my life, I know that there are no side effects, and that Cellfood will keep me in very good condition.

I just want to let everyone know that for me Cellfood is the best for heartburn and digestion. I take 8 to 10 drops in a glass of water with my meal and finish the water after I eat. It's great. I used to have problems with major heartburn. No more!

I'm writing this testimonial simply to let you know how helpful Cellfood has been to me, I have been diagnosed with HIV illness for about ten years now. Taking the Cellfood has greatly increased my stamina and general energy level. In the past I had to take several naps per day, but since I've been on this wonderful product, I've felt no need to take these naps. I am able to carry on a full and active day, which was impossible two months ago. I've also noticed that I sleep much better. I am more alert and better able to concentrate. As a Registered Nurse I am amazed with the effects that Cellfood has produced in my life. In closing, I would like to thank you for making this product available to myself and to anyone who may have similar challenges. Cellfood has improved my quality of life substantially.

I have always been health conscious and made sure I took herbal supplements religiously each morning. I have been blessed with good health but found that as I got older, I was feeling very tired and wanted to sleep every afternoon. For me, as a property consultant, that was disastrous. I have found that since taking Cellfood Weight Loss I slept right through the night. Before my Cellfood Weight Loss days, I would wake up at 3.30 or 4am and could not go back to sleep. I now wake up feeling refreshed and rearing to go. I have more energy and am able to work without feeling exhausted. I have also lost some weight, but would recommend that if people are serious about weight loss then they need to drink plenty of water and watch their diet and do some form of exercise. Since taking Cellfood Diet my hot flushes have disappeared and I believe the product has rebalanced my hormonal system. I have recommended Cellfood and Cellfood Weight Loss to many of my family and friends.

Pain from my inflamed joints gets pretty severe, but I dislike taking pain-killers that make me feel drowsy and knocked out all day. I've always preferred natural remedies whenever possible. Your Cellfood Silica product is a wonderful find! It helps me function without pharmaceutical medications. When my pain is the worst I double the Cellfood Silica dosage - and it works!

One of my young friends who suffered from menstrual discomfort reported that she has felt a significant difference since taking Cellfood.

I've been running regularly for almost 40 years, and have experimented with every type of nutritional supplement to increase endurance- and to speed up the muscular recovery process. In these two areas, I observe that Cellfood is in a class by itself. I drink about 250ml of water with Cellfood before each run and about 500ml after. I have almost no lactic acid build up (which usually feels like a stinging in the leg muscles, often leading to cramps) during my runs any more, and so my endurance is sharply increased. And I feel so little resulting fatigue after the run that I often forget I that I ever worked out- and later the same day find myself thinking about taking another run! This is a dramatically different athletic lifestyle that Cellfood now affords me. I highly recommend this product to any athlete - in any sport - who desires more sustained endurance, less muscle soreness, and dramatically shortened recovery periods.


Having taken Cellfood from time to time, on discovering that I was pregnant, I immediately decided to take Cellfood daily, and continued to do so throughout my entire pregnancy. The result was that I had an incredibly easy, enjoyable pregnancy. A few other ladies who were pregnant at the same time as myself, were all plagued with various issues such as fatigue, morning sickness, etc. I, on the other hand, never had a day where I was sick or tired, nor did I have any cravings. The only minor issue that I experienced was that I had a few mild cases of indigestion during my second trimester. In fact, I could say that if it were not for the obvious fact that I was pregnant, I would not have known that I was pregnant, because I felt no different from normal. My baby went full term, and I gave birth to a beautiful son. I had a very easy birth (Epidural Caesar) and was back to my pre-pregnancy weight two weeks afterwards. I was later told that I would have managed a normal birth quite easily except for the fact that my cervix would not dilate.The effects of taking Cellfood have also come out in my son. As I am still breastfeeding, he is still getting Cellfood from me. As a result, teething was a breeze. His first tooth appeared, no fever, no swollen gums, no runny rose. Right from the start, he has been a very alert, happy baby. I have even had friends of mine saying that they never see him crying. To date, he has four teeth, and has never been sick for a day in his life, even with all the various sicknesses going around.

Update: My son is now nearly a year old, and has never even had a fever after his vaccinations. One thing I know for certain is that I will recommend Cellfood to anyone who is pregnant or planning to become pregnant. You won’t be sorry!

For the past four years I have suffered with a chronic prostate infection. I have tried just about every nutritional product known to man, but nothing seemed to work. I have been taking your Cellfood product for two weeks now. My energy levels have improved greatly and I no longer have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Also, I used to get cramps in my left leg as a result of a blood clot that I had many years ago, and they have almost completely gone. Nothing else that I have tried has worked this well in such a short period of time. I feel like this product has given me my life back and truly feel that this is a gift from God! Thank you for this miraculous product. Take care and God bless you.

I have Retinitis Pigmentosa and have been totally blind now for 45 years, seeing only a pitch-black colour day or night. This distressed me terribly and made life most unpleasant; because, before that, I had been able to differentiate between night and day. My daughter introduced me to Cellfood. I started off by taking a small quantity of drops per day. This had no effect whatsoever, apart from making me feel healthier. I then stepped up the dosage to 40 drops a day, as well as applying the drops in a very diluted form directly into my eyes twice a day. I continued with this treatment for about 8 months. I am delighted to inform you that my vision is improving, I can now differentiate between day and night by the light coming into my eyes, at times I am able to make out shadowy formations (unidentifiable as yet). I am delighted not to have permanent black days, and I feel livelier and more positive about life. I have started putting Cellfood into my husband’s drinking water (this is done on the sly as he is very anti anything alternative) as he suffers from Diabetes and the related ulcers on his legs. I am delighted to report that his ulcers are healing, his blood sugar levels have stabilised and he is generally healthier and happier. His doctor and he still believe that the treatment the doctor is giving him is working - we know better don’t we!

A few weeks ago I decided to try Cellfood Oxygen Gel for scar tissue on my left leg and, vanity sneaking in, I also decided to see if it would help with the age lines on my face. In addition to seeing a softening and diminishing of the scar tissue, I am also very pleasantly surprised to see my ‘crows feet’ disappearing.

My grand daughter, age 6, was in a car crash which left a couple of scars on her face. One of the scars actually had a chunk of tissue torn out which left a good size scar. We started using the Oxygen Gel on both scars, the smaller scar has already disappeared and even my grand daughter has noticed the larger scar is vanishing.

I’m 20 years old and have felt really embarrassed by a scar on my neck from a tracheostomy operation last year. In only a few weeks of using Cellfood Oxygen Gel, the scar has faded so much that it’s virtually unnoticeable.

Last year my young daughter was attacked and bitten on her arm by a neighbour’s dog. Numerous stitches were required to close the wounds, leaving red raised scars that were unsightly and very stressful to her. Cellfood Oxygen Gel was recommended and we began to apply it to the ugly scars. Within weeks the redness faded and the scars began to recede. The scars have smoothed out and are almost unnoticeable now. Thanks to Oxygen Gel she will never have to be self conscious of severe scarring.


For years I have been suffering from sinusitis, and would be susceptible to cold and flu germs. For years, I have sneezed frequently, and my eyes would puff up. I also lacked energy. I would be constantly tired and stressed and I was also concerned about my cholesterol levels. I have been taking 20 drops of Cellfood at night and I now sleep better, my sinusitis is gone, I stopped sneezing, I’ve not had any colds and flu, and my puffy eyes have disappeared. I now have more energy and have a better quality of life. I am very grateful for Cellfood and will continue to take the product for life. I have tried many other health products on the market, but this is the best.

I started taking Cellfood about a month ago now, and I must say that taking the 20 drops at night have made an incredible difference in my sleeping pattern. I have been able to sleep right through the night, whereas before I would wake up at all hours of the night just wishing that it was time to get up and go to work, rather than lie in bed waiting to fall asleep. I definitely feel more rested in the morning, and am ready to face the work situation. I must say without a doubt that the stress levels have decreased, it is almost as though I am able to cope so much better than before taking the Cellfood. I feel so much more energetic than before, whereas I would always come home from work and just collapse on the settee and not be able to find enough energy to lift myself up from the sitting position and make a cup of tea. Now that I am taking Cellfood, all this has changed for the better.

Personal account by Ian Wade
: I took a number of Cellfood products with me on my trip to Everest in March-May 2005 (the Karrimor 2005 Everest Expedition). The main product I took was Cellfood Concentrate. The makers claim Cellfood Concentrate creates nascent oxygen in the body, as well as feeding the cells with minerals, amino acids and enzymes.  I was interested to see if the extra oxygen would help me.I took the Cellfood Concentrate for two weeks prior to going to Nepal to lead a trek to Everest base camp.  I felt full of energy and very clear mentally.  This trip was three weeks in total and the day the trip ended I left Nepal to travel to Tibet to begin my Everest expedition. The whole trip I was healthy and felt the strongest I have on any trip – and this was my 73rd expedition over the last 10 years.  I have climbed two other 8000 meter peaks without oxygen or Cellfood and trained very, very hard for these trips but with Cellfood I really felt better.  I can say I had more energy and found breathing at high altitudes easier. I also took Cellfood Essential Liquid Silica.  Silica is needed by the body for joints among other things. I suffer from arthritis in my knees and fingers and since taking Silica the pain caused by this has ceased and certainly didn’t cause me any problems on Everes. In addition, I also used Cell food’s Oxygen Gel for my skin. This product is Cellfood Concentrate in a Gel.  I used it every day throughout the trip and suffered no sunburn or chapped lips at all. On my return from Everest I found my recovery time was very swift as I continued with the Cellfood Concentrate.  I am sure it helped to heal me after the trip which put a massive strain on every cell in the body.  On return from previous big trips it has taken up to a month to fully recover but with Cellfood this recovery time was down to a week at the most.


I am a self-employed businessman and have noticed since being introduced to Cellfood that I have more energy and do not feel so stressed out. I feel good and have a lot more stamina and my blood pressure is under control. I suffered from slight detoxification when I first took Cellfood, in the form of a heat rash over my body, but that only lasted a few days. I take 20 drops of Cellfood in the morning, and I have 8 hours of sleep at night. I have been sleeping well and wake up very early in the morning feeling refreshed and alert. I will definitely continue to take Cellfood, as I cannot believe what it has done for me.

I ran out for a day and a half and found out again why I love Cellfood so much. My parents have suddenly been in very bad health and we have been really stressed trying to get everything taken care of for them. Yesterday all day I became very depressed and couldn't seem to get out of it. Our Cellfood arrived yesterday morning and I took a squirt in my water as soon as it arrived and WOW, my husband couldn't believe it. I felt a sudden lift of my mood and felt like I could handle everything and anything. I love Cellfood.

When I became pregnant I decided that I was going to do everything possible to prevent getting stretch marks. I ate well, drank lots of water and rubbed Cellfood Oxygen Gel on my tummy, breasts and thighs every day. I’m pleased to report the end result is no stretch marks!

I am very pleased after only six days of use. I've had a problem with swelling in my ankles, and with general water retention throughout my body. There seems to be no particular diagnosis as to the cause of these health problems; I believe they may be from food allergies. In less than a week- to my delight- I've noticed a marked reduction in swelling, especially in the ankles and feet. I've seen daily improvement every morning when I wake up, and throughout the day. I can actually see veins and ankle definition in my feet that were not visible six days ago. As for my water retention problem, my tummy is about half the size it was a few days ago. As well, my energy is much improved- I can hardly wait each day to see the continuing benefits of this amazing product

I have had much success with Cellfood. I've been handicapped for years due to a medical misdiagnosis by doctors; I was treated for arthritis when I had tuberculosis of the bone. The medicine I was given fused my joints, damaged my entire system, and left me in continuous pain. The first day I took Cellfood I slept more than I had at any one time in years. After a few days my energy increased to where I now have several more hours each day of active life- and more movement in my joints. I've also had no constipation since using the product; this used to be a common problem. I also have used Cellfood on both my fingernails and toenails- both of which had fungus and poor circulation. Within days my nails became smoother, and the cuticles became pink and the fungus healed. I take the Cellfood both internally and topically as described. It will itch and burn for a few moments when applied directly, but relief is almost instantaneous.

My daughter had a nasty cluster of verrucas that we have been unable to get rid of. It bled alot and kept growing more additions. We thought of trying Cellfood and the whole lot was completely gone within a fortnight. I am currently treating another one on my other daughter's foot which is already working.

My sister and I have collaborated on trying to lose some weight for a long time. But we've had little success after trying many programmes and products. A friend recommended the Cellfood Weight Loss to us. The results have exceeded our greatest hopes. I lost over twenty pounds, and my sister lost 16— and in less than 2 months. What impressed me as much as the weight loss was the good energy I've had since beginning the product. Usually weight-loss programmes fatigue me. Having strong energy and losing weight— this is a great product.

It seemed that I'd reached a plateau in my weight and body shape that I couldn't get past no matter what I tried. But the Cellfood Weight Loss helped me lose 8 pounds and a couple of inches..... which feels like a complete miracle. There's nothing as gratifying as beginning to fit into my own clothes that I'd previously given up on. I also notice that my craving for sweets seems to have almost disappeared.


I just wanted to thank you for your new Weight Loss product. I've been using it for 5 weeks, and so far I've lost 12 pounds and 1 inch in my stomach area! One inch doesn't seem like a lot but when your tight jeans don't feel tight anymore a smile appears on my face. I still have some weight to lose but this is a great start. I have more energy too! So thank you for making this wonderful product (smile).

Last summer I was going away on a very special holiday, my sister’s wedding, and as usual I started to consider my weight! I have M.E. and so extra physical activity is not really an option for me. When my daughter suggested I should try this new diet preparation I was very sceptical, after all there are many claims about taking slimming “wonder pills”. The difference with this one though is that it was made up with natural ingredients and none of these synthetic substances which is something I have to be careful with. Sceptical as I was I had decided I had nothing to loose by trying it and was glad I did it! I took it religiously every evening and by the time I had finished the bottle I had lost a stone and gained a big smile with renewed confidence. Needless to say I had a wonderful holiday and for the first time in many years I took my clothes off and sunbathed by the pool in a swimming costume showing off my lighter form!!! For me this HAS been the wonder cure and would wholeheartedly recommend this product to anyone who wants to shed a few extra pounds. I now know that losing a few pounds in weight will never be an issue for me again and what immense relief that is.

I am continually amazed by the benefits of Cellfood for myself and for others we know. A lot of people think Cellfood is for those that are very very sick. And it is, but it is also great for everyday use, young or old. My son who is 21 years old takes Cellfood. He poo-pooed the idea of supplements forever, but I finally got him to try Cellfood! He used to have allergies and colds all the time. It's been months now since he's been sick. I use it in my water at meals because the digestive and metabolic enzymes in it keeps me from having heartburn and indigestion. Before Cellfood, I had a hietal hernia that really flared up after I ate and if you've ever had that you know how bad that can hurt. Since taking Cellfood, I haven't noticed it. Before Cellfood, because of a bad 9 weeks at university with lung problems, I would get out of breath when trying to carry anything slightly heavy upstairs and if I tried to sprint up the stairs I would almost pass out. And hey guys, this was happening when I was in my 20's and I was exercising faithfully. Very frustrating. Now with Cellfood I can sprint up the stairs and carry on a conversation at the same time! The latest thing I've noticed is the colour of my eyes. Actually my husband noticed them first. I thought with age my eyes had changed colour to hazel, kind of a muddy yellow brown. Yuck! Now they are brighter and clearer and they actually have the colour I had when I was younger. Hooray for Cellfood! I now have started a morning toddy of a squirt of Cellfood and about 10 to 15 drops of Cellfood Silica in water every morning as soon as I get up and even if I feel tired when I first get out of bed….after my toddy I am awake and feel great!

I am so impressed with Cellfood Oxygen Gel. My son had a nasty graze on his knee that had gone septic. I put some Cellfood Oxygen Gel on and was amazed that it formed a sort of a skin over the wound straight away, hence it stopped oozing. After applying it twice daily for three days, the wound was healed. I will most certainly keep a jar of Cellfood Oxygen Gel. in my first-aid kit!

Every summer when it begins to warm up, I usually suffer from a yeast rash on my neck or stomach. The raised red welts itch and spread. I have tried everything with little or no success. A friend suggested that I try the Cellfood Oxygen Gel. Being an older woman I was cautious in trying something new. I washed my face first, and then I used the Oxygen Gel. My immediate results were absolutely amazing. Within an hour the redness began to disappear. The itching diminished and by the next morning it was noticeably improved. This has brought the joy back into my summer.


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